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Immigrant No-Match Letters: Everything You Need to Know as an Employer

If you are keen on finding out more about no-match letters from the SSA, then this guide is meant for you. You should expect to get a letter from the Social Security Administration if you happen to be an employer in the United States.

Employers normally get these letters whenever the government has an employee name on record that does not match the name on his/her Social Security Number. Research also shows that over 50% of employers in the United States deal with this issue every once in a while.

The good news is that there are a couple of effective steps you can take as an employer to fix this issue whenever you are facing it. Having SSNs for all your employees on record is one of the main requirements that the SSA has on all employers today.

All employers are also required to prepare W-2 forms for all their employees on a yearly basis for reporting their income to the United States Internal Revenue Service. A no-match letter is only issued when your employee’s name on your SSN records does not match their name on a W-2.

The first no-match letters were sent out in 1993. The government then stopped sending them in 2012 when businesses and labor unions started filing lawsuits and complaints.

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