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Looking for the cheapest and most reliable car rental?

Looking for the cheapest and most reliable passenger car rental? Our car rental is the cheapest in the Czech Republic. And you really don't have to worry about hidden charges. All the really necessary formalities are handled in a short time and BZ delays. We strive to save you unnecessary and lengthy paperwork.
Car rental does not mark your cars with any advertising, so it is not possible to know that they are only borrowed. They are very representative and suitable for entrepreneurs and international companies. We have cars in excellent technical condition and we regularly view and service them.
Vehicle fleet modernisation
With us you can be sure that car rental will lend you a vehicle in perfect technical condition. Moreover, we are still acquiring new and more modern vehicles. We still have a lot to offer our clients.

Platforms for rent for small entrepreneurs

Car platforms will find their application mainly for repairs of facades, repairs of roofs, painting works, assemblages of advertising panels, plumbing works or, for example, felling and tree treatment.
The company M/S Elektro Olomouc offers high-quality and reliable automotive working platforms for rent. Their main advantage is that they are part of the car and operate on electric drive. This ensures space-saving simplicity and extremely quiet operation. For example, you can work with plumbing or paint work, it will serve great in demanding tree works or repairs of roofs. There is an AVIA MP 13 with a maximum working height of 13.4 m and a Nissan with a height of up to 18 meters.
Ideal plateaus to places where there is not too much free space. They are amazingly quiet and storable.

Choose a variety of materials

Do not hesitate, watch our great offer of beautiful and very nicely written types of wedding announcements that will delight you and very much. Only with us, choose both the actual variations of texts, as well as the overall and very graceful image, but also their very types of shapes and materials. Believe that you will be pleased with our offered species and types and it all over the site.
Choose a combination of colors and style
So if you want to tell the whole world that you want to marry, our offered Durha wedding announcements are right for you. Only in our offer, choose them, both from the very types of their colors, combinations of colors, motifs and patterns, but also from such kinds of texts, quotes and poems that will take you behind the heart. The combination of colors and the overall style are really very great.

The complaints department is available to you

You have invested and bought it. But it seems that everything does not work as it should. Even this can happen, although it is certainly not the rule, rather a sad exception, but also this inconvenience are the workers of the SPA studio able to operationally solve. In case you are forced to claim a hot tub, you are fully available to the complaints department, where you are ready to solve every problem that appears.
When you need regular service
However, it does not have to be the most extreme solution for a complaint. Quite often you need a regular service, which is commonplace. Whenever you need anything, please contact us immediately. We are here to meet you and you are most satisfied because that is what matters.

You will surely love chocolate

On hot summer days each of us will appreciate some refreshment, whether in the form of cold shower, cold drink or air conditioning. One such refreshment can provide us with ice cream. But not everywhere you can get a really good quality, creamy. If you are more demanding, try the ice cream from us!
If you think ice cream is a calorie bomb thanks to the cream, you are mistaken! We offer you ice cream, which will not bother you with conscience. Our fruit sorbets do not contain fat, on the contrary they have a high proportion of fruit!
Thanks to many years of experience we can offer you a really good quality ice cream. Our ice cream is produced under strict production and quality control, which is tested by the final inspection. If you desire luxury among ice cream, come to choose one of the fifty species to us!

Office Furniture

Although our furniture is usually worthy of houses or flats, we have not forgotten the office space. With us you can buy both office chairs, tables and various cabinets as storage space. All our furniture is of high quality, modern and visually attractive, so your office will look perfect. You can have it all at very low and pleasant prices, which are hard to find elsewhere in the market.
Furniture for children's rooms
Our company does not forget about the smallest ones, so you can also buy furniture for children's rooms. Like any furniture from us it is of the highest quality and will serve long years. However, the difference is mainly the colour and the different motifs that will be appreciated by your children. Check out our varied offer on our website, you will surely choose.

Our Internet portal about Spas will answer all your questions

You want to go to the spa? Ask what you have to do, at the address of a specialized Internet interface. The magical moments in the cosy location of Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy lázně, Karlovy Vary, luhačovice, Karlovy Studánky, Teplice nad Bečvou and other Czech and Moravian Spa resorts are mainly due to the good company of quality information. Ensure that you stay for seniors because of your health and the ideal set-up time program. You can tailor this by selecting a specific residence package for a verified mediation address on the Internet.
We offer a chance for quality packages
Discover the secrets of Healing springs. Treat yourself to the beneficial effects of special therapeutic massages in the administration of professional therapists. Enjoy the opportunity to spend your time with wraps, baths and other treatments. Information about program changes, current news and location for your questions and possible evaluations is created by a verified Internet portal.

Beds for the smallest

If you are looking for a quality baby bed that could inhabit your little children, you should look into our offer. We offer high quality beds, which you will appreciate not only you, but especially your children, for whom our beds are designed. They are interesting and cozy pelechy for children. Believe that when you buy such a bed to your child, it will be happy, so do not hesitate to check out our offer and you will see.
She will have sweet dreams
Thanks to the bed that the child will like, you can be sure that every day falls asleep as after butter. It is because when a child is not afraid, it falls asleep faster, which is understandable. Therefore, treat your children with the bed they are waiting for and not only when you no longer want to sleep with you in bed. Our beds are great, you just have to choose. We have variants for girls and boys and so will not choose the problem.

High-performance windows

The plastic windows currently play the replacement of windows in older buildings and are widely used in new buildings. For most people it is highly appealing that they do not need to be painted and grind like wooden windows, and this saves a lot of time, which in today's hasty time is scarce goods.
Because the plastic windows are so popular, a number of non-professional manufacturers have appeared on the market, who will give you low-quality windows and you will be left with only eyes for crying. We don't belong to them. In our offer you will find only profiles that fit into low energy houses.
What to watch for when installing
Plastic windows are poorly mounted, it is the black moth of every enlightened builder. The main problem is the connection joint, which is located between the window and the wall. These should be insulated according to the norm, but in most cases we can meet with the foam assembly foam.

Visions of Happiness

Everyone has different ideas about happiness. Someone needs a lot of fun, someone again self-realization in employment. Someone's feeling of happiness builds on a beautiful and harmonious relationship, and someone again suffers from a luxury household. It's definitely nothing to be an offence. There are people who can do it almost and are people who require high comfort so they can call themselves happy.
The finished Paradise
These people usually do not purchase in furniture diskoners, but they invest in furniture to order. When the line, only with kitchens tailored. As for the line, it is a device where it can be so wonderfully rampup. Here, there is so much room for luxury, elegance and a certain degree of extravagance. For designers finished paradise, for customers perfectly realized requirements.