Mosaic Elegance

For floors from Pilsen you will always know the quality of the material and the design at first glance. If you're looking into your living room after a remarkable design, choose mosaic Parquet, incorporated in the most modern ways, so you'll feel like a castle. They have all the good properties of wood, they are durable, they are easy to fix and are environmentally friendly. You will feel great and you will appreciate the home atmosphere.
No obstructions
Do you bury the torn lino? Rely on our range of Pilsen flooring to help you with this torting. Quality work of our specialists guarantees that you will be satisfied. You can choose floating or glued, both of which have a number of advantages. Floating, whether wooden, laminate, bamboo or cork, are laid on a vapor-permeable foil and connect with locks. Glued again, they do not create a clutched joint and withstand heavier loads.